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Frequently Asked Question ?

Our sales office is located at  307 Sheetla House , 73-74 nehru place New delhi -110 017 . We are open Monday through  Saturday 9:30am to 6:00pm.   We are closed  on Sunday  and major holidays.

If your equipment is a fax, printer or copier contact  Web Infocom:
  1. Phone: 011- 32412300 , 011-64562300  OR
  2. E-mail:
You will need to have your machine Model , serial # handy with a contact and phone number for service to respond.

  • All machines need toner/dry ink and drums/developers.
  • Some machines (printers/copiers) may have both toner and drum in one container called a “cartridge”.

To order supplies, you can call our local number  9818479743 , 42 .

You can call the  Web Infocom   at 011-41052300   or 9811119460

E-mail :
and provide as much detail as possible about the product for which you are looking,
as well as how best to contact you. We will contact you within   4  business hours of receipt of your e-mail.

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