Lovers Things to Do in Lithuania

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway with all your partner and/or looking for something new to perform, there are a lot of wonderful things to do in Lithuania. From historical sites to a day trip in dynamics, there are plenty of stunning places to visit that is to be sure to help to make your trip an unforgettable a person.

Spots to Go

The main city of Lithuania, Vilnius abounds with historic structures and beautiful design. The city incorporates a very modern feel and is packed with traditional sites to check out, including churches, museums, and castles.

A walk throughout the cobbled pavement of the Aged Town is a must while you are in Vilnius, with a wealth of medieval wonders to uncover. The Cathedral Square is particularly impressive, since it towers above the rest of the city’s sights, and so be sure to consider a glance at this lovely spot when you are in Vilnius!

Food Advise: Don’t forget to try the classic cepelinai – Lithuania’s national dish, a Zeppelin-shaped potato dumpling filled with meats or veg stuffing. They’re much like Italian gnocchi in texture and taste, however the Lithuanian version is a little heavier relating to the meat and much more flavorful!

Wine and Beer Bars

When it comes to taking in, there are plenty of great spots inside the city. A good option I’ve been to is the Beer Local library, which has a wonderful collection of beers from all over Lithuania and offers a fantastic flight experience.

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