Motherhood Reimagined®: Founder Sarah Kowalski how Choosing to Become one Mom Doesn’t Mean the termination of Dating

The Short type: Sarah Kowalski was in the woman very early 40s when she found herself without someone and yearning to achieve the happiness of elevating a child. Determined to make their dream a real possibility, she embarked on a mission to become an individual mommy through sperm contribution. Following beginning of the woman child, Sarah knew she may help ladies in comparable circumstances navigate pathways to getting parents, thus she started Motherhood Reimagined. Her aim would be to guide aspiring single mothers regarding the actions essential to have children in the face of fertility dilemmas, or not enough someone, and offer mental assistance as you go along. As an online society, support group, and mentoring service rolled into one, remembers all paths to motherhood while helping women come to the recognition that being a parent doesn’t mean the conclusion their own dating everyday lives.


Motherhood Reimagined Founder Sarah Kowalski had accomplished every little thing by the book. She ended up being a successful corporate litigator by get older 30 and always knew she desired to have young ones of her own, but existence did actually block the way of this dream.

“Somewhere between my rocket-speed profession and jet-setting solitary existence, I would completely missing my personal resolve getting youngsters,” she composed in her memoir.

Soon into the woman career, Sarah had been clinically determined to have a repetitive tension harm (also called work-related top limb disorder) and persistent fatigue. She kept her law career and sought option treatments, including Feldenkrais and Qigong, which have been both centered on mindful movement. When she hit her belated 30s, she was working as a somatic life mentor helping individuals in manager management change their job pathways.

Around the exact same time, Sarah’s Qigong mentor provided a significant concern.

“Have you thought about whether or not need children?” he questioned Sarah.

Through self-exploration and a recognition that her get older had been making the concern of children a top priority, Sarah understood the answer had been indeed. Usually the one problem, or so she believed, ended up being that she was unmarried.

“whenever my instructor asked myself that question, it ceased me personally during my songs,” she said. “My personal instructor helped myself understand several things I’dn’t considered. I could get pregnant with somebody and then he could leave the following day or get struck by a bus; there isn’t any promise around any type of path. It had been a significant paradigm shift for me personally.”

Without looking right back, Sarah picked motherhood and from now on features a beautiful, enjoying three-and-a-half-year-old child. Along her private journey to presenting an infant on her own, she had written the woman memoir and started Motherhood Reimagined, an on-line community, assistance class, and mentoring service honoring all routes to motherhood.

Just one mama by option, virility doula, life mentor, and author, Sarah has grown to become a determination — specially when considering internet dating — for a large number of females around the world navigating their individual routes to motherhood.

“As one mother, i’ve lots of time constraints and I also wanna shield my child.  And whenever i believe about internet dating, personally i think like my personal filtration for choosing that is great for me is developed and laser razor-sharp,” she mentioned. “I think it can make matchmaking structured. I am not drawn to the theif like I had previously been. I am thus obvious about finding a beneficial guy.”

Determine the right road to Motherhood Through Self-Exploration

Deciding whether to have an infant the most difficult choices any individual are likely to make in their life time. And intentionally choosing to become a single mommy can provide more hurdles and challenges. Without somebody to bounce some ideas off, the trail to single motherhood can appear like a lonely one.

On the web site, Sarah informs readers to look inwards and get by themselves what’s on the line in single motherhood. She knows most females have dreamed from an early age to be a mama, While she would like to verify readers think about the monetary, emotional, and logistical ramifications to become just one mom, she does not want those concerns to fully overshadow their unique factors.

“i believe there are plenty of frustration and chatter that occurs if you are attempting to make this choice,” she said. “i believe —on some degree — expecting just isn’t a rational option. If you believe about it with your rational brain, it is very an easy task to state, ‘No, I do not want to do it.'”

She stated she helps women detect the clearness from chatter for them to tap into their particular private knowledge.

With so many issues with motherhood to contemplate, Sarah operates both private in accordance with groups of potential moms to assist them to on the routes to self-discovery. It really is a journey she took by herself and requires checking out issues, restricting opinions, and presumptions, while considering not in the package for methods to generate single motherhood sense obtainable.

“When I discovered that i desired to possess a child whatever, we understood I’d a variety to produce — either frantically big date and try to get a hold of you to definitely have a child with or exercise without any help,” she mentioned. “I attempted a last-ditch energy at dating but noticed there was actually an excessive amount of desperation in my look. So I chose to place locating someone regarding the back-burner and pursue motherhood without any help.”

Sources on Topics From group strengthening to Single Parent Dating

Once a female has chosen solitary motherhood, you will find a huge selection of choices she’ll intend to make and topics she’s going to need to analysis. Motherhood Reimagined has done a great deal of the work for aspiring mothers by putting together a massive cache of online resources alongside a preview of Sarah’s publication, “Motherhood Reimagined: whenever getting A Mother does not Go As organized.”

“I started creating a novel partly because I became handling some details on my very own,” she said, “and because we felt like I experienced a message I wanted to inform other people through my own story.”

Motherhood Reimagined also offers a very important rundown of online language resources, including sites and personal systems such as for instance (Empowering Solo Moms Every Where),, and, in which Sarah writes blogs. On these platforms, she actually is covered subjects including “8 explanations getting one mommy Actually allows you to Better at Dating” and “5 Questions Before you decide to give up relationship and have now an infant by yourself.”

Sarah also details different methods, such as the kids’ publication “Who Is selecting myself Up?” that can help kids keep in mind that households are available many shapes, dimensions, and colours.

“there is my calling,” she stated. “It feels great to greatly help women feel motivated and find out that there’s no-one option to become a mother. We can move the thought of just what household is actually and figure out what is the best for you while assisting females together with the think of motherhood. It’s really strong.”

Offering One-on-One training & help each step of the Way

There are many other ways a woman get expecting when she picks solitary motherhood, such as semen donation, egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, co-parenting, and donor-conceived children. Sarah’s trademark courses tend to be a three-month on-line training course and training program for females that happen to be attempting to choose whether to embark on single motherhood, and a support team for females who’re contemplating alternative paths to motherhood such as egg contribution or adoption.

“I experienced most virility dilemmas,” she said. “Most females establish on a path to come to be mothers after which understand it may maybe not just take contour how they anticipated. I love assisting ladies comprehend their own path. It is a big love of my own.”

Sara’s training products had been built to help ladies through every phase of motherhood. Other solutions Sarah provides via Motherhood Reimagined include a Solo mommy Pregnancy assistance Group and Childbirth degree Classes for solitary mothers and family building and fertility doula coaching and advice in many different subjects addressing many techniques from psychological considerations to sperm contribution plus vitro fertilization.

“As I determined that I wanted to possess a baby alone, it simply sort of clicked into spot this was the job i needed to do,” she stated. “I did a great deal introspection while making my choice that we felt labeled as to assist different females on this subject road and applied the things I was basically performing in leadership training and career mentoring.”

Sarah Inspires girls to Do It All

Sarah learned a great deal from the woman journey to getting just one mommy, along with her you-can-have-it-all viewpoint has actually helped thousands of ladies recognize their own motherhood hopes and dreams. For Sarah, Motherhood Reimagined is focused on giving assistance and contacting services that celebrate all pathways to motherhood.

“the ladies I know who will be single mothers tend to be amazing powerhouses; they take action, and additionally they hold it together. They actually do all of it, and additionally they take action gracefully,” she stated. “i simply like viewing that.”

With an effective business with a bright future, Sarah has actually begun to open up the door to a new phase of her life — dating as a single mom.

“i am actually excited with having a child without any help, and I also’m needs to remember online dating since he is slightly more mature,” she mentioned. “i’ven’t had lots of extra time and money to-be matchmaking, but I’m entering that realm once more. When I initially considered becoming an individual mother via sperm donor, I assumed I got to decide between having a baby and finding someone, and then â€” all of a sudden â€” I realized it wasn’t an either-or. I happened to be only prioritizing an infant prior to the spouse since I have ended up being running out of time.”

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