Terkel guest blog: 12-step checklist for onboarding IT staff

12 Step Checklist For Hiring New Employees

Once you’ve nailed down the postition it’s time to start writing the position description. As a recruiter, you have to be part of the hiring system right up to the day the candidate starts . Prepare for the candidate’s arrival and make sure that the hiring manager has set up their work station. Decide who will welcome the candidate on arrival and take them on a meet and greet. Not all positions require skills assessments, but if the vacancy does then get these arranged and completed shortly after the first interview.

12 Step Checklist For Hiring New Employees

You want to ask any questions that will give you enough information to begin to filter ideal candidates based on their responses. I often use Google Forms because it creates a spreadsheet with responses, but you can use other forms, too. Keep in mind it takes time to find the right person—plan for the entire process to take three to four weeks on average. This will help ensure you hire the right person as a long-term fit. If you rush and hire a wrong fit, it will cost you more time and money to continue hiring new people. Make sure you have the time and energy for interviews and selection before starting the hiring process.


Let the backup candidate know the outcome and maintain a good relationship. You never know when another opportunity suited to his/her skills will come 12 Step Checklist For Hiring New Employees along. Let your new hire know what’s next, and what to expect on the first day. Agree on whether a candidate will move forward in the process.

Having checklists of all the activities that need to be completed helps HR to stay organized and compliant. Using a checklist also ensures consistency when it comes to delivering a positive onboarding experience to all new employees as soon as they start the first day of work. At the end of your job description, you will provide the link to a questionnaire. This form consists of basic info like name, location, email, skills, years of experience, why they want the position, details of related experience and similar questions.

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In many cases, your new employees may not understand all the things that need to be done unless you help them out. Don’t expect them to already know everything – even if they’ve had similar jobs in the past. It might be more efficient to outsource some or all of these steps to someone in your team or a recruiter. Hiring employees can be time-consuming, but get it right and they’ll become your most valuable asset. Ultimately, onboarding is your company’s first impression in the mind of a new hire.

  • A new hire onboarding checklist is a guiding document with two key purposes.
  • A recent study by CareerBuilder estimated the financial cost of a bad hire to be anywhere from $7,000 to $40,000 depending on the level of the position.
  • This is an important part of the onboarding checklist, especially for departments like IT where the work they do is niche and requires proper training.
  • Having checklists of all the activities that need to be completed helps HR to stay organized and compliant.
  • On the other hand, if your company has everything ready, it creates the sense that the company is excited about the new hire and makes them feel valuable.

Finish off the logistical portion of your onboarding process by providing your new hire with internal access to everything they need to perform their job. Be very clear about the type of devices they will need and what will be provided by the organization. Make it easier to start new employees off on the right foot with this complete guide to creating a customized onboarding checklist for your company. The hiring process has many steps and they should be followed to ensure a simplified and efficient hiring cycle. One of the ways to save time and cost in your hiring process is to use modern hiring software.

Give New Hires a Company Swag Pack

The new hire onboarding checklist below includes ways you can weave your company culture throughout the process. A new hire onboarding checklist is a guiding document with two key purposes. https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ Firstly, it makes sure a new employee knows what is expected of them. Secondly, it also helps ensure employers don’t miss any crucial steps in an employee’s first days, weeks, or months.

Send your ‘Thank You’ no later than 24 hours after your interview and make sure you be specific to each person you spoke with. Take notes during each of your conversations and refer back to them for each individual’s letter, thus further personalizing your reply and connection. Your profile picture needs to be professional looking, NO selfies. Hiring managers want to see that you’re positive, cheerful, and happy.

Creating an Onboarding Process that Works

As with all our articles, this content contains general information and guidance only, and is not a substitute for legal or tax advice. For advice specific to your area or business, be sure to consult with a qualified professional. In most cases, filling out the Form I-9 and reviewing the supporting documents is enough. But if you do business in certain states, you may be required to enroll in the E-Verify program. It’s your responsibility to make sure all your employees are legally allowed to work in the U.S.

12 Step Checklist For Hiring New Employees

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